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I consider it a privilege to work in the Animation and VFX industry, which has always been my vocation. My objective is to continue developing my artistic skills, specializing in textures and matte painting, and contributing to this industry.


Nov 12/present
Texture Artist 
Direct-to-DVD "The Promise: birth of the Messiah" at Classics Animated  (Montréal - Canada)

May 12/Jul 12
Texturing TD
Direct-to-DVD "Barbie in the pink shoes" at Technicolor  (Vancouver - Canada)

Oct 11/Apr 12
Surfacing Artist 
Direct-to-DVD "Barbie, the princess and the pop star" at Rainmaker Entertainment Inc (Vancouver - Canada)
Jan 10/Oct 10
Texture Artist 
"No pets allowed" and "Paper Village" teasers at Six Birds Productions (Barcelona - Spain)

Oct 08/Dec 09
3D Generalist, Backgrounds Painter and Pre-Compositing operator
"Chico & Rita" film at Estudio Mariscal (Barcelona – Spain)
(2012 Oscar nominee for Best Animated Feature Film)

Feb 08
3D Generalist
"Casanova" music video at Happy End Pictures (Barcelona - Spain)

Nov 06/Mar 07
Ink & Paint operator
"Nocturna" film at Red Mouse Factory (Barcelona - Spain)

Feb 05/Oct 06
3D Generalist and Compositing operator
"The Edebits" TV series at Red Mouse Factory (Barcelona - Spain)

Sep 03/Mar 06
2D and 3D Generalist
"Caballos de Tiza" short film at 9zeros (Barcelona - Spain)

Jul 04/Sep 04
Inbetween and Clean Up drawer
"Talma" TV series teaser at Locomotion Pictures (Barcelona - Spain)

Apr 04/Jun 04
3D Generalist
"Anima't" opening short film at Festival Internacional de Cinema de Catalunya de Sitges

Jan 04/Mar 04
Inbetween and Clean Up drawer
"Les tres bessones" TV series at Locomotion Pictures (Barcelona - Spain)

Jul 03/Aug 03
ENG Camera operator and Linear editor
Andorra Televisió (Principat d’Andorra) 

Apr 01/Jun 01
Render Zone (Zaragoza - Spain)

Sep 00/Feb 01
Antena Aragón TV (Zaragoza - Spain)


May 12/Jun 12
Creature Texture Painting in Mari workshop. CGSociety (online) 

Jan 11/Feb 11
Digital Painting workshop. CGSociety (online)

Jun 08
Shake course. Editrain Publish (Barcelona - Spain)

Apr 08
Final Cut course. Editrain Publish (Barcelona - Spain)

Dec 07
Digital Photography course. Editrain Publish (Barcelona - Spain)

Aug 07
English course (High Intermediate Level). South Nottingham College (UK)

Apr 07/May 07
3D Studio Max course. Editrain Publish (Barcelona - Spain)

Sep 06/Oct 06
Combustion course. Editrain Publish (Barcelona - Spain)

Sep 03/Jun 04
Master’s degree in 2D and 3D Animation. 9zeros (Barcelona - Spain)

Sep 01/Jun 03
Production and Direction of traditional Animation, 3D and Multimedia. 
9zeros - Fak d’Artmedia art institute (Barcelona - Spain)

Sep 99/Jun 01
Superior grade formative course of Audio-visual and show Directing.
IFPS CPA-Salduie (Zaragoza - Spain) 


  • Softimage / Photoshop / Painter / After Effects / Premiere: advanced level
  • Maya / Mudbox / BodyPaint / 3DCoat / Flash: medium level
  • Mari / Nuke / Zbrush / 3D Studio Max: basic level
  • Operating systems: Windows / Mac OS / Linux: user level


  • English: Upper-intermediate level reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • French: Upper-intermediate level reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • Catalan: Fluent reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • Spanish: Mother tongue


- 2012 Oscar  nominee for Best Animated Feature Film
- Best Animated Feature Film European Film Academy 2011
- Best animated feature film “AniMovie” of the Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart' 11
- Best Animation feature film Goya 2011 (Spain)
- Best feature film Anima 2011 (Brussels)
- Grand Prix HAFF 2010 (Holland Animation Film Festival)

- Best national short film Mundos Digitales 2006 (Spain) 
- Best catalan countries animation short film Filmets de Badalona 2006 (Spain) 
- 2nd prize for the best animation short film Baumann 2006 (Spain)